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SSA Managing & Tracking Leads

By January 15, 2020February 16th, 2020No Comments

OK, let’s dive into some SSA managing & tracking leads for roofers. If you enter all your leads, prospects and clients into SSA roofing CRM you will be able to track everything. Check out this leads report on a salesman/project manager. 

We can see every lead this salesman had for the month of November. Now let’s look at where they came from and who paid for them. 

So, we see that 12 of these leads were paid for by the company. Now we need to track which ones get a contract and closed. 

This way we can see what our ROI is on each lead source. Check out the company where this information came from and see how great their website is. Roof Crafters of Baton Rouge & Hammond Louisiana is the most technilogically advanced roofing company in Louisiana. 

Now we can also see what leads went into the extended drip campaign and find out why. One more great thing about SSA is that SSA is the only roofing CRM utilizing the new PWA or progressive web App. 

If a lead is not moved through the sales cycle to prospect within 72 hours you probably missed them. 

The question is are you following up? 

How are you even keeping up with them to follow up? If you are not following up on a regular basis, you are missing deals. 

It’s not even reasonable to think you will follow up on all of them manually. 

You need an automated platform for this. 

Now What About the Money?

Check out this closed deal report. 

Now we can see what this salesman closed in the month of November and match that against his leads. 

Ok, now we can see how he is handling his leads. 

This salesman had a pretty good month but what about the ones he missed? 

What is happening to those leads? 

What Does It Look Like In Accounting?

Here is what it looks like in accounting. A rock-solid deal. So, now let’s reverse engineer the lead and see where our money came from. 

Where Did That Lead Come From?

Google My Business, right where we love to see them come from. 

OK, now we can see all the effort put into GMB is well worth it. 

But this goes for every lead source, it doesn’t matter if it is Google Pay Per Click, GMB, Google LSA, referral, door knock or a yard sign. 

We need to know where every dollar is coming from. 

When we know all lead sources and what money is coming from each one it makes budgeting the ad spend easy. Go where the money is.